Endings. Beginnings. And everything in between.

Out with the old ~ In with the new.

Fresh starts, new beginnings, and some tough goodbyes. You’d think that would leave me plenty of stories to tell.

Yet here we are 23 days into the new year and I haven’t written a dang thing. Not that I’d written anything the last few months of 2021 either.

Well at least not here. I’ve written a couple Social Media posts. And while they have been fewer words than I typically leave here, a few have been packed with a whole lot of feeling. I suppose it’s been the best I’ve been capable of.

Such complex thoughts dancing though my mind. So hard to slow them down enough to catch them, organize them, and record them.

Then there’s appropriateness, as many of these stories I yearn to tell have such overwhelmingly bigger implications.

Moving on from what I can not share for one reason or another, there have also been many writing worthy topics having come and gone, that had I just slowed myself down enough I could have framed in proper form to share.

What has held me back?

I ask myself that obviously, I do not pose this question to whoever may be reading these words currently. If anybody is.

I guess like anything else, the less I do it the harder it becomes. I had developed a flow and my little blog had gained some momentum.

Now I struggle with feeling silly. Like why write what I want to write here..Does it have any value? Will it mean a single thing to a single person? Why am I driven to express myself with the written word when nobody has asked me to do so?

I’m back to feeling like I’m talking to myself.

Quiet down ego. Who cares who reads it. It’s not about that. Trust the process Dee Dee and get back to doing what feels right.


Note to self ~ Tell your stories. The silly ones. The scary ones. The deep ones. The ones that are yours to tell.

To be continued …

Published by MzDeeDeeSmith

Music loving, good coffee obsessed, adventurous soul, happiest by the sea

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